Syria Pre-Pro-Post Change
Project Description

Syria Pre-Pro-Post Change
Architectural workshop
Damascus- Copenhagen


The 2014 Pritzker winner Architect Shigeru Ban stated recently that architects, especially younger ones, are turning more towards humanitarian architecture than before, thus explaining the architectural ambition is no longer limited to the creation of huge buildings that perpetuate personal aims, but has become more attached to working for
The workshop, Pre/Pro/Post Syria, left a great impression on the AUG team of the need to continue and develop the project. It showed the willingness of individuals to participate in effective positive activities regardless of their specialties. In Damascus, participating students and architects demonstrated a great ability to use genuine and creative mechanisms to read the city during conflicts by critical eye. In Denmark, the workshop showed a huge interest in humanitarian architecture and the social role of buildings in the aftermath of a war. In AUG, we are now
working on the future steps of this project.
In practice, the workshop identified a set of future trends, that can be summed up to three main initiatives:
The first initiative is to work on a steady cooperation with architects and students of architecture in Damascus. We are trying to establish a permanent and independent unit to work as a potential Architectes Sans Frontières unit in Damascus. The future cooperation will be simply to continue to document and analyze what is going on in life and the city during the conflict. Unlike the first workshop, the work will be based on the (Timeline) concept by monitoring changes of the same subject during certain periods of time.
The second initiative is to work with specialists and institutions with respect to the technical parts of materials and construction. The initiative focuses on construction with local materials and traditional construction applications.
Following the proposed idea from the first workshop, focus should be on establishing a model for local involvement
rather than designing and constructing actual projects, and thereby narrow the scope of work in a positive way, making it viable for practical applications, whatever how limited the economic factors are.
The third initiative, is to develop a joint collaboration with Architectes Sans Frontières International and other similar organizations, especially those that currently exist in the neighboring countries of Syria. We will attempt to find a formula to joint work with these organizations.
Finally, it must be recalled, that the project on Syria is based on a series of workshops that will produce similar reports to this one. The sum of these report will make and extensive and comprehensive study. Therefore, we are working on the next workshop in the coming months.

Thanks to :

  • Damascus University - Faculty of Architecture
  • Royal Danish Academy of fine art- School of Architecture
  • Syrian Project Group
  • Arkitekter Uden Grænser/ Architecture Sans Frontieres Denmark: Caroline de Francqueville, Joann busk, Louise
  • Hjerrild, Per Arnold Andersen
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Damascus University 2014

The Workshop is by

  • IWlab
  • Damascus University - Faculty of Architecture
  • The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture
  • Architects Without Border - Denmark