Research interests

Founder and Partner
Wesam is a PhD candidate in the Centre of Natural Material Innovation at the University of Cambridge. His research focuses on craft and tradition in building practice, thin-tile vaulting and reconstruction. He graduated in 2007 from Damascus University and studied masters of philosophy in architecture and urban studies at the University of Cambridge. Wesam has experience in practice in both Syria and Denmark. He worked in HAK, Henning Larsen Architects and Vismo. He taught design studio at Damascus University as a teaching assistant. Wesam is now a guest lecturer in the Master in Project Strategies & Innovation In Humanitarian Emergencies in IUAV University.

Wesam is a member of Emergency Architecture and Human Right, Architects without Border- Denmark Chapter, and Urbegony.

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Architectural Education, Architecture for Children, Traditional Housing, Vernacular Architecture. Thin-tile Vaulting, Crafts and Heritage.<br/>