Moment in Details!
Project Description


Moment in detail is a spatial installation dedicated to explore users experiences throughout observing the out-wall threatened district Sarouja. With paths filled with different information and methodologies. Moment in details tries to enrich the life’s insensible details of Sarouja.


Moment in detail relies on the following points:

1-Research as an artistic material
A several visual moment were explored by the exhibition as stories to tell during walking 

2-Interacting with installation elements
Exhibition usually presents element to be watched, moment in detail presented elements to be touched, heard, and grasped by visitors  

3-Touring in Sarouja
A real touring experience were presented after sensing different introduction of the district, so users will be asked to judge the experience itself and describe the output of the whole process.


The exhibition was mainly defined by three main paths. The paths was articulated to form a constant walking experience varies by the senses, the fountain was also an integrated element that reflect the whole atmosphere.


1-Moment | The Info path
This path contained all the focal points in Sarouja and its details, some academic information has been presented, both memory and present were exhibited in different ways. This path was the exact link between moment in details and the urban exhibition (Moment  in Sarouja) by emphasizing on the theme both exhibition; preserving heritage.

 2-Moment Wavepad | The hearing path
That is the hearing path. We have explored the auditive experience during walking in Sarouja. Hearing devices presented different sounds in different part of the district. The Auditive waves were also visualized in diagrams to see the huge difference between the entrance of the district and the core, the hearing pollution was a shock for all visitors.

 3-Commoment |  The living path
We have asked almost all working people on the Souk path of Sarouja to provide us with their feedback about the element of the urban exhibition placed in the street . People interacted with the project and suggest a lot of things. Moment in details has illustrated their interactions to the public. Drawings of their face were also illustrated to bring a closer image of humanity in threatened districts  


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Location :  Damascus, Syria

Clients & Partners : Institut français du Proche-Orient , Damasucs Municipality

Project Phase: Completed 2011

Type of assignment : Commision 

Audios of Sarouja