Architectural - Cognitive map of Damascus
Project Description

الخريطة المعرفية المعمارية لمدينة دمشق


i. Approach architectural

artwork workshop that is concerned with reading city spaces by the architectural style of cognitive maps. This proposal aims to produce a cognitive map of the city with different dimensions to understand its spaces and capture an intellectual image of it.

ii. Work plan

This workshop focuses on a teamwork approach with students from architecture and fine arts faculties - Work flow was divided to four stages as follows: - Introduction phase - Induction training phase - Regulatory stage - work stage

iii. Work timeline

6 days of work from: Sunday 30/10/2016 to Saturday 5/11/2016 iv. Participants According to the needed experience for such artwork, multiple students were invited from both architecture and fine arts faculties to perform a general imagery of the urban spaces of Damascus.

v. Final product

This workshop allows participants to choose the style of visualization they want for each group to present their vision of the urban space, later on the presented sheets will be gathered as a collective image of Damascus city.

vi. General supervision

Dr.Ziad Muhanna Dr.Iyas Shahin

vii. Prepared and edited by Dr. Iyas Shahin IWLab 


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Location : Damascus University - National Center for Visual Arts

Clients & PartnersIWLab - Damascus University - Faculty of Architecture - National Center for Visual Arts, 

General supervision: Dr.Ziad Muhanna Dr.Iyas Shahin

Prepared and edited by Dr. Iyas Shahin from IWLab 

Special Thanks: Prof. Ghiath Alakhras GENERAL DIRECTOR OF National Center for Visual Arts

Project Phase: Completed

Type of assignment : Commission