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Mabar | Passage ( Heritage workshop for local children )

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Mábar is a temporary educational installation dedicated as a research space  and illustrated by children. With two windows representing the paradox of (existent-vision) (reality-imaginary) (dream- decision), Mábar questions the urban and architectural heritage , starting from the city , districts , roads ,until the surrounding urban and social details of Damascus.


Mábar (passage) concept relies on three axial approaches

Paradox: unleashing heritage narrative form toward being as enjoyable as possessing ideas ,generating games and making decisions.

Space: Replacing the regular classroom space to an interactive space that would function as everything the tables, chairs, boards and on the top the dual windows

Production : Revealing ideas rather than products, the production methods in the workshop is about what students dream and decide, not about how excellent their drawings are.

Mábar emphasize that education is not only about telling stories or giving information. Therefore, it was suggested that the workshop will not consider heritage as a dry inaccessible material as usual. Instead, it will let all children to access this material, to manipulate, change and even possess it. They will be able to suggest different scenarios than the real; they can imagine different spaces to choose as the places of the initial emergence of Damascus city.


Mábar six activities varies from the large scale urban content (the city) till the most detailed remarkable social and architectural cases, each activity contains two parts, the imaginary and the real one. And they classroom will integrate the idea by its two lightweight puzzles referring to each side by color and shape (black-White).

Mábar first activity concerns the CITY, and it is about to present the factors to establish a settlement with a similar geographic and logistic conditions of the city Damascus. The process however is made of creating stories of how settlements developed and choosing virtual spaces as the base of development. Meanwhile, the real development of Damascus, as it is the oldest living city on earth.

Mábar second activity concerns the DISTRICT, and it is about to present the development and compositions of the urban content of the old city of Damascus as a Mediterranean city. The process however is made of creating the shape, location and function of individual houses of each passenger. Meanwhile, a sample of real chosen district in the old city will be presented and analyzed.

Mábar third activity concerns the NEIGHBOR, and it is about to present the relationship between size function and form of each building and to indicate what make a building a special building within its context. The process however is made of an imaginary trip around each passenger house and to remember what he/she sees within this trip. Meanwhile, samples of real buildings will be analyzed.

Mábar fourth activity concerns BUILDINGS and its urban partner, and it is about to present the relationship between the urban spaces (with all its social and architectural details) and the buildings themselves. The process however is made by completing each passenger path that he/she walks every day from home to school depending on his memory. Meanwhile, all the materials and questions will be prepared for the next activity (the tour).

Mábar fifth activity concerns patching all previous activities by a tour. and it is about to present the real and exact cases of all the previously imagined conditions by checking how memories and vision where close to reality. The process however is made by dividing passengers’ to group according to their wish; Photographers, investigators, journalist and urbanist. All the photos and graphs produced by each group will be used in Mábar final exhibition.

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Location : Damascus, Syria

Clients & Partners : Institut français du Proche-Orient , Ministry of education – Syria .

Project Phase: Completed 2011

Type of assignment : Competition first prize  


Mabar- Educational Classroom installation