Iyas Shahin - Ms architecture
Research interests

Iyas graduated from the University of Damascus in 2007. Building on his position as teaching assistant in the Faculty of Architecture, he foundedIWlab with his partner Wesam Asali in 2010. IWlab is a 'laboratory' that brings architectural and educational practice together. In July 2010 the company won first place in two national competitions for their Mábar (Passages) proposal, an educational project for children, and Moment, an urban exhibition in Sarouja.  Iyas is very interested in the role of architecture in conflict (specifically in the Middle East: Syria) and  the imortance of cultural and architectural heritage.  As a Damascene citizen Iyas is greatly inspired by the city Damascus and its many cultural dimensions. He has an interest humanistic and social architects which are a great influence and inspiration for his work.

email    i y a s@iw-lab.com