Iyas Shahin - PHD architecture
Research interests

Architect and artist. doctorate degree in architectural design (2017). Specialized in housing. In 2018 he was appointed as a faculty member at both Damascus and Al-Rasheed University - Architectural Design Department.  

Essentially Iyas identify himself as co-founder of the IWLAB lab,'laboratory' that brings architectural and educational practice together.

As a Damascene citizen, Iyas is greatly inspired by the city Damascus and its many cultural dimensions. He has an interest humanistic and social architects which are a great influence and inspiration for his work. academia 

email    i y a s@iw-lab.com

He has many published research and professional work. His fields of work and research vary between housing policies, art and cultural work in the city. <br/> He is very interested in the role of architecture in crises especially in Syria, and the necessity of cultural and architectural heritage. He believes in participatory work and that art is the most important medium for expressing his ideas.