City Incarnation
Project Description

City Incarnation

An Anatomy of Damascus City

"City Incarnation" is an architectural-artistic work spots the distortion and misusage effects on the body of Damascus through exploring some current and prospective architectural investments that supposedly aim to develop the city, that we, citizens, doubtfully think it would. "City Incarnation" is a multidimensional approach in which the work proposes paradoxical issues in order to change the way we see and expand our perception of the city. It is a metaphorical imaginary assumption. How can we imagine the city of Damascus if it was in the human image? At an architectural perspective, what would this body have suffered from? What would be the real estate that has affected the city-body the most? What change does it have over that body and how could it be represented?

Fourteen case studies of the city-body status, exploring the apparent and the hidden; the imposed reality and the expectations.

This work was accomplished with an open collaborative technique; fourteen participants and a supervisor.

This Project was accomplished with the support of Ettijahat. Independent Culture

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