Tile-vault training, Santa Pola, Spain
Published Research  01-07-2019 00:00

Newly published article. Living on the move, dwelling between temporality and permanence in Syria

30-04-2019 00:00

New Release: Informality.  The book is a result of a workshop in Damascus that focused on contexts of scarcities and informalities. In this particular context, scarcity is not about materials and resources but about social representation.
اصدار جديد: عشوائيات, تصوير معماري

20-04-2019 00:09

نشكر المؤتمر الرابع للمجلس العربي للعلوم الاجتماعية في بيروت على إتاحة المجال لنشارك أفكارنا عن الحرفة و التصميم في دراسة العشوائيات في دمشق بين مفهومي الدمج والتهميش.

We are very excited to have shared our thoughts about design, craft and informality in the annual conference of the Arab council for social science in Beirut.